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Electric heating pads vs Portable heating pads

Today, it is not difficult to buy a popular product on the market. Even we also have a lot of selections. It means that there are many types of a product for the consumers. I will give a typical example of the heating pad.

You can find it at the most of the stores because anyone also needs to use it. Especially, many mothers can buy the heating pad in the medical cabinets of the family. Moreover, the manufacturers also produced the different pads to use all parts of the human body.

They include hands, back, neck, shoulders, and abdomen. Now, you can choose the electric and portable heating pad. Depending on your needs and its convenience, you can buy the most suitable one. That is a big question of many users. They do not know which one is better.

In this article, I will make a comparison between two products. I think that it is the necessary information to read. Please take your time to read this. It just takes you some minutes own the useful knowledge to protect health better.

How about The Electric Heating Pad

Electric heating pads

With the electric heating pad, it also has some advantages and disadvantages. You can base on these elements to buy it or not. Look at this information as follows:

1.     The Positive Sides of The Electric One

Why do many people still use the electric heating pad? Surely, they have the special reasons. You can know through some example below:

·       Firstly, it heats up very quickly. This does not take a lot of your time to wait for;

·       In addition, you can install a timer to control the temperature. This will help avoid overheating during using the heating pad;

·       Besides, this kind of the heating pad also has many sizes to choose. It is on the small size for the small parts of the body. Or you can buy the big sizes to wrap around your abdomen;

·       On the other hands, you can choose the infrared heating pad. Although this type always has the high price on the market. But it is considered the best electric heating pads because of having some great functions such as:

+      Help release the pain rapidly;

+      Get the blood circulation effectively;

+      Improve the immune system of the body;

+      Prevent the electromagnetic radiation.

2.     The Negative Sides of The Electric Heating Pad

We can not deny the advantages which I just list above. In fact, the electric heating pads also have some negative sides. That is the reason why some people want to use the portable one. Here are the typical disadvantages for you:

·       You can not use this heating pad in your traveling. This is the time when you are very busy with your schedule;

·       Also, you must be careful to use the electric one. If you have any careless you can meet the danger burn.

How about The Portable Heating Pad

Portable heating pads

With the busy people, they do not have the free time to relax with the electric one. The portable heating pad will be the ideal choice. I will share some advantages and disadvantages. From there, you can compare with the electric heating pad, right!

1.     The Positive Sides of The Portable Heating Pad

·       You do not find the accessories such as cord, button, and wire when using the portable heating pad. It is very suitable for the travelers or the elderly;

·       We do not worry about the temperature to burn while using this pad. It just reaches the fixed temperature. This also depends on the size of the heating pad too much;

·       It is easy to bring for climbing mountain, picnic, and the travel. It is a big convenient which the electric pad does not meet;

·       Beyond that, its price is cheaper than the electric heating pad. According to the comment of many consumers, they like to use the portable pad. It is convenient in the life. And the price is cheap.

2.     The Negative Sides of The Portable Heating Pad

It is the same at the electric pad. The portable one also has some positive sides. They include:

·       You will feel too hot on your skin because the pad just stay in a long time;

·       When using the microwavable pads, it is not convenient to work at the office


In summary, we often use the heating pad to reduce the pain feeling of some parts of the body. Both the electric and portable heating pad can help us feel more comfortable. Which one is better to buy? Actually, two of them have the different points which I introduce in this writing. It is very clear to understand. I hope so. Now, you can give your final decision to buy the most suitable heating pad. Good luck to you!

1. What is mocha?


Mocha coffee used to be made from a particular type of bean with a unique flavor. Nowadays, however, people tend to use other beans to make mocha coffee but its name is still widely used.


Most coffee shops serve mocha coffee as a combination of three elements: espresso, hot chocolate and steamed milk. A thin layer of frothed milk, whipped cream or dusting of coca power or cinnamon on top is optional for added flavor and decoration. People can add chocolate syrup to the drink too. In brief, mocha coffee is an espresso-based coffee with a strong chocolate flavor.


The ratio among the three elements may vary from shops to shops or, if you make the drink at home, depend on each person's taste. A cup of coffee mocha normally includes 2/5 espresso, 2/5 hot chocolate and 1/5 steamed milk.


Many people think about mocha latter when they hear the word "mocha"; it is basically latte with a hint of chocolate. The normal ratio for mocha latte is 1/8 espresso, 1/8 hot chocolate, 5/8 steamed milk and 1/8 foamed milk. 


2. Preparation


·         What you need:

 coffee machine



- to make a fresh pot of strong coffee - or you may use hot water to make instant coffee instead

- Cup or mug

- Spoon

A milk frother

- A small pan and bowl (optional)




- Bean: Pick your coffee beans carefully for the best flavor. You don’t necessarily have to use mocha beans; you can opt for Starbucks Espresso Roast or other beans you like. Instant coffee is also acceptable but the taste is not as good for sure.

- 1 tablespoon (15 g) of hot water

- 1 tablespoon (15 g) of sweetened cocoa powder

- A pinch of salt (optional - for enhanced flavor)

- 1/2 cup (4 ounces) of milk

- Whipped cream (optional, for topping)

- Sugar to taste


Step-by-step instruction


Step 1: Make syrup:  


Combine hot water, cocoa powder, sugar and salt in your mug, and then mix well to get the chocolate flavor. Alternatively, you can use a small sauce pan: put cocoa and sugar into the sauce pan and heat up, add the water slowly and finally some salt; always mix well in between until the mixture thicken.


Step 2: Brew coffee


Pull one or two espresso shots with your coffee maker or espresso machine and fill strongly brewed espresso into the cup. The amount of espresso should be less than half of the mug's capacity: it can be 1/3, 2/5 or 1/4 full depending on your taste.


Step 3: Froth 1/2 cup of milk.



If you just want steamed milk, you can heat it up on the oven, in a stovetop steamer or in the microwave. Take note that the milk temperature should not exceed 160°F (70°C). Once you over-steam the milk, it tastes really awful.


However, aerated milk tastes sweeter and nicer than just steamed milk: air is introduced into the milk to create micro foam and a creamy, tasty texture. That is why it is recommended that you use a milk frother to accomplish the task.


In case you have an espresso machine, it already comes with function of steaming and frothing wand. If not, you can choose one among a hand-pump, handheld battery-operated or electric milk frother.  With an electronic milk frother, you only need to pour milk into the jug, select the right temperature and let the device do all the work. With the other two types of frother, you need to heat up the milk first before pumping or using the wand to froth.


When you use the frothing wand, make sure its tip always submerge just a little below the milk surface, even when the milk increase in volume. The process should be about 15 seconds and if you want to be safe, stop frothing when the temperature reaches 150-155°F.


Step 4: Pour a little steamed milk to the chocolate syrup and mix gently. After that, pour the rest of steamed milk into the mug. Use the spoon to hold back the foam.


Step 5: Add some more sugar if you want


Step 6:  Spoon creamy foam on top and/or whipped cream! You can even garnish with a sprinkling of cocoa.